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Easter with the Lindt Bunnies

Dear Easter Bunny,

I am writing today because I want something for Easter. Could you please give me my legs a few inches longer, so I can wear these beautiful jeans with my favorite-ballerinas? I have already sent my request to Santa Claus,

unfortunately, these are jeans for the summer, so he does not feel responsible.

Easter with the Lindt Bunnies

You see, I’m quite lovely and I have already made friends with your helpers from Lindt. Unfortunately, the Lindt Gold Bunny with its sweet only can conjure a few inches to my hips. And this I do not want of course ;-)

Jeans, too longt

Here is the exact photo proof of the seriousness of the situation: embroidery and sequins to the hem, so I unfortunately can not shorten the jeans.

Jeans with silver wedges

In order to facilitate the work for you a little bit, I have photographed my silver wedges. You can take them as an indication, how large the length of my legs should be, ok!?

Jeans with sequins and embroidery

Dear Easter Bunny, if the change of my size should not work, I would be happy about the “Lindt Gold Bunnies – Fiat 500” as well.

Dearest ;-)


PS: If your jeans tolerate some more fill-up, here’s a tip:

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