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Pink Wedges - Gr. 36Wanted is a SHE with a penchant for pink, comfy wedges, who likes bowes and has very small feet (size 36!). I take very much value this opportunity, because finally I will make you happy. For my part, there is no financial interest: I want only $ 4, – for the shoes plus shipping.
If this sounds interessting for you, then contact me under “Beautiful shoes looking for small feet“ (a comment will work as well!). I’m waiting eagerly for you: lol: …

Why the whole thing?

Some time ago I fall in love with a pair of pumps of a friend of mine. When she told me that the shoes were on an eBay auction for EUR 15, -, I immediately logged on to eBay and visited the seller of the store. Unfortunately, the pumps were no longer available in my size, but I found at once a worthy replacement in the form of this beautiful wedges. In my imagination, I saw myself wearing them with a tube, a white T-shirt and a huge, pink corsage. So far, so good.
Pink Wedges - Gr. 36
Well, who often reads my blog knows, that I have problems with my feet. For those who still do not know: Depending on their whim my feet change their size – sometimes a 38 fits me, other times I just come into an 8-pure 39 O. An inexplicable phenomenon, I tell you.
When the wedges finally found their the way from Germany to me in the tranquil Linz, I got simultaneously a big shock: My feet did not fit into the shoes! I thought, I have got monster feet over night . And now comes the most embarrassing: After about 5 minutes unsuccessful “squashing in“ the wedges, it came out that the wedges were of size 36. To my defense, I would add that it was very, very early in the morning and the day before I went to bed late: oops:
After I contacted the seller, he informed me that the shoes were advertised in error by an incorrect size, ie 38 instead of 36. I should send back the wedges and my money will be refunded to me. Only, I do not want money – I want shoes! And exactly this pair here!
Pinke Wedges - Gr. 36
Now I suspect a conspiracy behind the whole thing! Since I got the shoes for only EUR 4.- , I guess this was too little money for the seller, and therefore he wanted me to send the shoes back. But in these circumstances, before I give the shoes back, I prefer to make one of You happy ;-)! The shoes are new and supplied with a box.

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