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In my crafty beauty book from the flea market I have read of a homemade sugar waxing. Somewhat skeptical but curious, I asked my (video) oracle YouTube and in fact: There the recipe for “Sugar Wax” exists in several versions.

Full of energy I took out my cooking pots. I mixed sugar, lemon juice and water, boiled it and cooked it for another 5 minutes by stirring, to get a solid compound. But how? My mixture got not solid. Too much lemon juice and water. More sugar. Again cooking and stirring. The broth didn't get solid. Even more sugar ... and stirring. In the meantime I tasted it. As a “Hot Lemonade” (mixed with water) my mixture tasted really delicious. My husband was pleased as well by the new drink out of my kitchen.

I kept on stirring. The amount of my mixture grew up, enough for waxing a whole World Cup team (yes, all these guys are waxed or depilated!). Finally the broth got a bit thicker. Meantime I made some candies from a part of my sugar wax. They also tasted delicious. My husband did not taste them, he does not like sweets.

After another 20 minutes of stirring my hand got hurting and I gave up. While my frosting cooled down, it got more viscous and now I could imagine that it is usable for waxing. But I'm such a coward. I've never ever let me wax. Neeever yet.

I still ate some homemade lemon candies and still thought about the waxing. This recipe I can advise you in any case. Rarely eaten such good candies ...

An hour later:

The World Cup game was still finished, my WC Alternative Program mutated to an “After-Game Recommendation” - but ...

Conclusion after trying out:

The home-Wax is a dream, I've even used it without any paper and it still works perfectly. And the additionally produced sweets work perfect as a comfort for the pain when tearing off the wax. The only problem: If the wax falls down on a carpeted floor (as it happened to me), it takes a long and intensive cleaning to bring it away from the carpet.



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